Custom Tuning notes on Fox Body Mustangs and pushrod based applications: (many of these apply to all applications as well)

For those of you who are looking for in depth information about having your Fox Body Mustang tuned (or similar pushrod application) I wanted to add this section to give you a little better idea of what was involved and what to expect. First off, understand that these cars are really starting to show their age. The idea of simply being able to tune one of these without having to do any type of repair work is fading quickly. Understand that any car can be “tuned” in just about any condition. The idea however is to do it right so that you, the customer, gets the most out of their car in performance, reliability and drivability. In order for the tune to be right, the car has to be right meaning in good mechanical condition. Many issues that I see include vacuum leaks, exhaust leaks, bad or lazy oxygen sensors, malfunctioning emission parts, improperly sized injectors or fuel pumps, mass air flow sensors that are not designed for the application, missing PCV screens, rock hard PCV grommets, improper spark plugs (design, heat range, gap), wrong ignition timing, improperly set fuel pressure. Understand that if you want a car that runs and performs properly ALL of these things must be addressed either before or during the tuning process. Also understand that if some of these problems are overlooked during the tuning process, I will essentially do what I like to call “bake in” the error into the custom tune. The problem now lies down the road (maybe as soon as you get home) that you find a problem, maybe as simple as a cracked vacuum line or vacuum cap and by repairing it you now change the custom tune. What was the sense of spending the money just to screw it up? You may not even have any idea that you have done such and now the car could suffer with bad drivability or possibly even engine failure if the car has some means of forced induction.  So the idea of getting the mechanical side of things correct BEFORE the tuning is complete gives you the owner the ability to maintain the car in proper fashion and keep the custom tune you paid for functioning for the long haul.